Angela Rodel



Let the author’s voice sing!


Staat / Institution: Bulgarien / Selbstständig

Arbeitssprachen: Bulgarisch, Englisch


Ausgewählte Übersetzungen:

2015 (in Druck) The Physics of Sorrow, novel by Georgi Gospodinov (Open Letter

Books, USA)

2014 Nine Rabbits, novel by Virginia Zaharieva (released in a new edition by Black

Balloon Publishers, USA)

2013 A Short Tale of Shame, novel by Angel Igov (Open Letter Books, USA)

2013 18% Gray, novel by Zachary Karabashliev (Open Letter Books, USA)

2012 The Eyes of Others, play by Ivan Dimitrov, gespielt am New Ohio Theater in 

New York CityNew York

2012 Nine Rabbits, novel by Virginia Zaharieva (Istros Books, UK)

2011 Thrown Into Nature, novel by Milen Ruskov (Open Letter Books, USA)

2011 Ivan Hristov’s poetry in Two Lines, a leading anthology of literature in

translation (Center for the Art of Translation, USA).




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