Kalin M. Nenov



My translator's credo:

Care, collaboration, creativity


Country / Institution: Bulgaria / Human Library Foundation 

Working languages: Bulgarian, English, Italian


Selected Translations:

In English:

“Father,” Ivaylo G. Ivanov, “Beating the Air,” Velko Miloev. Short stories. “The

Assassination,” Johan Vladimir (Angelina Ilieva). Novelette. (With Rosena Petkova,

Margarita Stoyancheva, Lora Petrova, Vladimir Poleganov and Radoslav Genchev.)

In: Oceans of the Mind #17, Trantor Publications, 2006

How I Saved the World,” Valentin D. Ivanov. (With the author.) Short story. In:

Diamonds in the Sky, 2009

“The Glow of the River,” Atanas P. Slavov and Georgi Arnaudov, “I Dreamed a

Human Face,” Ivaylo P. Ivanov. Novelettes. “In the Beginning Was the Subway,”

Lyubomir P. Nikolov. Short story. (With Svetoslav Todorov.) In: Marginal

Boundaries #1, 2010

The Most Terrible Beast” and “Causality,” Khristo Poshtakov, “Father,” Ivaylo G.

Ivanov. Short stories. (With Rosena Petkova.) In: Alfie Dog, Alfie Dog Fiction, 2012

“The Swamp,” Khristo Poshtakov. Short story. In: Over the Brink: Tales of

Environmental Disaster, Third Flatiron Publishing, 2012

“Three Tales of a Very Windy Town,” Lyubomir P. Nikolov. Short story. In:

Unstuck Vol. 2, Unstuck Books, 2012

“Asked the Soldier, ‘Who Called Me?’”, Yancho Cholakov. Short story. In:

Nameless Digest #3, Cycatrix Press, 2013


In Bulgarian:

Последният еднорог“, Питър С. Бийгъл. [The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle.]

(In collaboration with Vladimir Poleganov and Zhelyana Peeva.) Novel. Bukvite

Foundation, 2006

Бленуващите кристали“, Теодор Стърджън. [The Dreaming Jewels, Theodore

Sturgeon.] Novel. Human Library Foundation, 2008

Две сърца“, Питър С. Бийгъл, „Уменията на Ксанаду“, Теодор Стърджън.

[“Two Hearts,” Peter S. Beagle, “The Skills of Xanadu,” Theodore Sturgeon.]

Novelettes. In: ФантАstika 2007 Almanac, Human Library Foundation, 2008

„Бавно ваяние“, Теодор Стърджън. [“Slow Sculpture,” Theodore Sturgeon.]

Novelette. In: ФантАstika 2008 Almanac, Human Library Foundation, 2009

„Упорството на възприятието“, Джон Варли. [“The Persistence of Vision,”

John Varley.] (In collaboration with Yuliyan Stoynov.) Novella. In: ФантАstika 2009

Almanac, Human Library Foundation, 2010

Писък от ангел“, Дългас Смит. [“Scream Angel,” Douglas Smith.] (In

collaboration with Galya Pavlova.) Novelette. In: ФантАstika 2012 Almanac, Human

Library Foundation and Tera Fantazia SF&F Association, 2012

Човек търси Бог“, Ерик Уайнър. [Man Seeks God, Eric Weiner.] (In collaboration

with Ilka Chechova.) Non-fiction. Faber, 2014



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