Anastasiya Kaloyanova


Анастасия Калоянова

Anastasiya Kaloyanova was born in 1982 in the town of Kirdjali. She completed her MA degree in Bulgarian Studies at the University of Vienna (2013) with a thesis on Diabolism and the World of Objects in the Early Poetry of Atanas Dalchev supervised by Professor Heinz Miklas and Professor Lyubka Lipcheva-Prandzheva. She was an associate in the project for compiling the catalogue Bulgarian Books Printed in Vienna 1845-1878 led by Professor Heinz Miklas and Professor  Lyubka Lipcheva-Prandzheva (2005/2006). Anastasiya is a freelance teacher in Bulgarian and professional interpreter. Her areas of academic interest are literature, translation, and language training.


Member of the English language team.


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